Managing the Freelance Lifestyle

The very first thing that pops into our heads when we hear the word “freelancing,” is freedom to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do. And that is exactly what gives the world of freelancing such a charm. Freelancers are free from the eternal pain of bureaucracy that lasts almost every day from 9 to 5 and have the option to do as much work as they like and how much they like. In other words, you are your own boss – A dream that almost every employed person on this planet shares.

However, the freelance lifestyle comes with other challenges and hurdles that you normally do not face in a typical 9 to 5 life. The very first on the list is to constantly market yourself and build your profile on whichever platform you and your clients approach you, whether you’re a writer, a web developer, graphic designer, video editor or whatsoever. Always remember, that the competition is tough, and you need to put yourself out there in the world and show everyone what makes you so special. Other challenges include additional distractions, negotiations and sticking with only a few skills. So, whether you’re new to the freelancing world or have been a part of it for a while, here is some advice that might help you manage your lifestyle:

Time Shows No Mercy.

One thing you have to realize, is that even if you’re the boss of a fortune 500 company, or even become the King of the World, there’s one thing that you’re always going to have to bow down to: Time. It is a relentless force, constantly slipping out of hand and it absolutely does not wait for anyone, not even freelancers. So, how to beat time? Well, you can’t. And if you can’t beat them, then join them. So, befriend time. Freelancing gives you the freedom to work whenever you want, but do remember that you will always have deadlines to meet. Dissertation help the best way is to plan ahead and determine when you are going to run personal errands and when you’re going to work on your project. When it comes to work, you should never just “go with the flow.” Always have a game-plan.

Never Stop Selling Yourself.

Whether you get your clients from online platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer, or use other means to fetch work, there’s one thing that you must never stop working on, and that is to constantly build up your profile. Continue marketing yourself, tell the world what makes you better than the other person, because that is the only way to survive in this era of extreme competition.

Settle On a Rate.

One of the few challenges that freelancers face is to settle on a rate. When clients think of approaching freelancers, they do so mostly just to save cost, because freelancers work cheaper than companies. However, clients often insult freelancers by offering payments that are even lower than what an average homeless beggar makes in a day (no offense to the homeless.) So, price negotiation can turn out to be a big pain. The best way is to determine and settle on a fixed rate. Never ask the client how much they are willing to pay. Make it clear that this is the cost of your service(s), and that it is the best deal you can offer. Only give discounts if it is an old client that has become fond of your work.

Always Leave Some Room On Your Plate.

The last thing that a freelancer should take care of, is to make sure that your plate is never full. Only take up the workload that you can manage, otherwise you’re better off doing a 9 to 5 job, since it has work-life balance to offer. Stick with only 1 type of service, or max 2 services. That way, your quality of work will not get affected, and you will easily manage all your tasks.


Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram Stories, Oculus … Are you losing the Facebook, Facebook?

As the social network of nearly 2 billion users continues to diversify, the industry is constantly asking the same question: “Are you losing your way, Facebook?” Its desire to include more and more offers reminds us of Yahoo! 'S business trajectory. A once very successful company that, despite exploiting virtually all business options, continues to fall today.  Dissertation writing Service.

To this day, Facebook manages 9 different companies; Facebook Payments, Atlas, Instagram, Onavo, Moves, Oculus, WhatsApp, Masquerade and CrowdTangle. Its broad portfolio ranges from social networks to integrated payments, through virtual reality and marketing solutions.

That is why eMarketer pose two different theories: The similarity of Facebook with Yahoo! as we anticipated before, or the similarities between the Titan of Zuckerberg with the diversified Alphabet.

Yahoo! and Facebook

From the point of view of the content, we cannot but notice the resemblance between Facebook and the soon to be called Altaba. Both companies have reaped their success by reaching multi-million dollar audiences.

Google and Facebook

Of course, looking at the largest social network in the world (from the perspective of income), the similarity with Alphabet is evident. The two make up a complex network of investments and new products with a single main source of income.

Going back to the quarterly results of both, it is worth noting the growth of Facebook's profit, which rose to over 50% over last year. Alphabet, for its part, grew 22%. While Yahoo!, as expected, saw negative growth shortly before the purchase by Verizon.

The main difference, according to eMarketer analysts, lies in the intersection between utility and content. Although the content of Facebook does not over-captivate young people, who prefer the ephemeral features of Snapchat or Instagram Stories, its usefulness serves as an incentive.

It's the same with Gmail. Google's email platform has become the most used by millennials, with a much higher share than the older ones, mostly used by baby boomers.

And the penetration of Facebook among the native digital adolescents already exceeds 65%. "Although teenagers no longer love Facebook and clearly do not consider it cool, it's too useful for them not to use it," says eMarketer analyst Mark Dolliver.

The analyst adds that "in the case of Facebook, the fact of it being so large will be a factor that will continue to allow it to be great." This implies that, even though having a huge user base does not directly affect the improvement of Facebook content, the fact is that it has tremendous utility will keep it up and kicking.

How do you provide academic advice to students?

The advice from academic advisors is mainly pointed on the questions that are related to any program which requires the expert level of understanding for the course contents. This also includes the advice regarding the content of the programs/major for overall education goals as well as employment goals in future. The academic advising also makes way to exchange the information which is designed for the students to reach their career as well as educational goals. This is also a shared responsibility between advisers also the student. However, it is the duty of the student to make a final decision about his/her life goals by creating a discrete plan to reach the tip of the mountain of their aim. The academic advisers can also help in this way to understand the options, find the appropriate resources and when it is important, help them to find the alternatives. The students are always urged to keep the parents informed during the course of plans and process which makes the relationship between student and academic adviser more concrete and creed. Dissertation writing services

The adviser must provide the necessary assistant to help the student to learn how to make plans for academic education and make firm decisions for it so they will be able to focus on a number of options at their disposal based on their stated goals and allow them to think about the outcomes of their thinking process. The academic advisor also helps the student to develop the academic plan which is consistent with the goals of students also with their abilities and interests. It is the duty of academic advisor to provide accurate information about the requirements, procedures, and policies. Create positive working relationships with students, other SAS advisors, staff, and faculty. They must assist their students in understanding the potential of an education plan and when it is vital to advise them of other University services and resources, unwieldy advise them for it, so it will help them to improvetheir educational experience. The academic advisor also makes the decision for the students to appoint them during registry periods. They must make sure that they appear on time and if the appointment is canceled, they must not attend it. Academic advisor also helps students to write down their concerns as well as questions in advance like advising for registration or provide them the list of courses they are interested in taking for the following semester. This will help students to make their own plans and decisions because an advisor can just provide the advice, not the decisions that are made by a student for their prosperous future. Dissertation help Another responsibility of academic advisor is to provide the primary plan to achieve their goals but also allow them to make space for alternatives. The academic advisor also ensures the better relationship between them and students to provide better assistance. With all the help from academic advisors, the student will know where to get accurate information and it will also allow them to have good support for their future goals, aspirations, and abilities. Hence, the academic advising is like a dynamic relationship between student and advisor for educational as well as professional success of the students. The academic advisor provide the best guide for the academic policies, regulations, post-graduate opportunities and other resources that are available in the campus for the purpose of personal support and academic point of view. The student also must specify what topics they have to discuss with the academic advisor to ensure that they will direct the student for meet the appropriate educational program.

The Chronological Race between Snapchat and Instagram in 2017

Throughout 2016 we have seen how the battle raged between Snapchat and Instagram to win the heart of the millennials. Although the ghost app was the undisputed leader for the youngest, Instagram has gradually gained ground thanks to its new features. Dissertation writing service

2017 looming scrambled into the waters of social media and, in order to be prepared for what might happen, it's time to make a chronological review of the battle between the two apps in 2016 from March till December.

1. March.

In this month, Snapchat introduced an option allowing users to make voice and video calling, in a move that challenged popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and FaceTime.

2. July.

Shortly after calls, Snapchat tried to address the issue of ephemeral messages/short-lived snaps. As part of this shift in focus, the company launched its Snapchat Memories, a new tool that opened up the possibility of saving snaps and creating a photo library.

3. August.

This month was instrumental in the struggle of both companies with the launch of Instagram Stories, the greatest threat to Snapchat so far. And it was a tool that allowed the removal of photographs and videos 24 hours after its publication, an option very similar to the service of its rival.

4. September.

The same autumn Instagram introduced the zoom on your photos with a great reception by both users and brands.

5. October.

It was in this month when Facebook began experimenting with very similar to those o Snapchat and filters that are already part of company services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

6. November.

Live video was introduced by Instagram this month, by the name of Instagram Live (which included the automatic removal of videos after users would stop issuing them.) In addition, users can also send direct messages with ephemeral photos or videos.

7. December.

To end the year, Snapchat launched chats in groups that can participate up to 16 people at once in a clear shift toward instant messaging. For its part, Instagram counterattacked this week with new emoji stickers that can be inserted in the videos and photos of Instagram Stories. But the update also includes location tags as well as geolocation filters.



First of all,

 Not all graduating students are ready for a four year college career.

 Conducting a certified academic program can help your teen find work.

 Community colleges may be smaller and offer more support than large state institutions.

When people think of the community colleges often they focus on low cost of tuition. Undoubtedly this is a great advantage! But for many children with learning and attention difficulties, two-year programs may also have other advantages. These are some reasons why they may be a good choice for a young man.

1. Your teen might prefer a program focused on a specific career, rather than an academic one.

Community colleges offer students the opportunity to obtain credentials in many areas. If your teen is interested in one of them, this may be a good choice. Community colleges offer different types of associate degrees. An associate's degree in occupational studies (AOS) usually emphasizes hands-on training. Prepare a student for a specific job. Some common options are veterinary technician, computer programming, dental hygiene and graphic design, but there are many others. This degree does not have a common academic curriculum or an academic component; all courses are directly related to employment. If a student subsequently decides to study a four-year career, they may not be able to transfer some of their credits. Community colleges can also offer certified programs in areas such as accounting, acupuncture, and nonprofit fundraising. These are short programs designed to train students for specific jobs. Students do not earn a degree but do earn certification.

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2. Your child is not academically prepared for a four-year career.

Some teens do not have the grades or SAT scores to enter a university or traditional college. They may also not have the skills to do well there. The community college can offer them the opportunity to improve academically. So they can be better prepared to apply for a four-year degree in a university or college. In fact, many community colleges are affiliated with state educational institutions, which can facilitate the transfer process. It can even be automatic if it is based on your grade point average or GPA (Grade Point Average). In addition, many community colleges provide remedial courses. This extra support will prepare your child for his studies, no matter where your child ends up getting his degree. And if your child wants to transfer to a four-year career, the new institution will review what he did at the community college and not what he did in high school if you passed a full year (24 to 26 credits).

3. Your child needs to feel more secure.

If your teen is not socially or emotionally prepared to go to university or college, community college can be a good transition. Many community colleges offer small classes. Many students feel more supported than in large schools. And, usually, students live in their homes. Another reason why self-confidence could be strengthened: the emphasis on teaching. Many community colleges are part of the state university system. Their teachers are as qualified as their counterparts in state universities. But teachers at community colleges tend to focus on teaching rather than research.

4. Your teenager still needs a support system.

Many adolescents with learning and attention difficulties still need the tutors and therapists who helped them in high school. Attending a close-to- home college allows your child to maintain those relationships. And the low cost of community college tuition can help your family pay the fees of those professionals.

5. Your child needs to adapt to change at his own pace.

To get financial aid or live on campus, first-time students, usually, must enroll in all required courses the first year. This may be too much for a teenager who is adjusting to new responsibilities and a more demanding academic situation. Community colleges allow students to take only a couple of courses to adapt to the academic demands of the school. Whether your child wants to move to a four-year career or qualifies for a good job, community college can be a good choice.

Advantages of social Media Marketing

1) Increase the visibility of a Brand

Currently, a large number of your potential customers, whether you are a company or an entrepreneur, have a profile on one of the hundreds of existing social networks in today’s digital landscape. For this reason, they have become an ideal showcase to let you know in a much broader range of action than you could get under normal conditions.

2) Help improve your business's online reputation

Social Media puts you in touch or gives you access to a greater number of people or potential clients. Having a good strategy that takes into account the quality of content you share and emphasizes an optimal customer service (or Social Customer Service) is an unbeatable way to enhance the reputation of your business.

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3) Attract more traffic to our website or blog

Another advantage of social networks, with permission of the almighty Google thanks to SEO and SEM can mean more than 50% of traffic to any website or corporate blog, and they also provide an interesting amount of online visitors to your company.

4) Open up new market possibilities

These new online media have become an option that revives the possibilities of many businesses that were practically at the mercy of large companies. The rules of the game that have been introduced have made some smaller businesses get new and greater commercial possibilities to balance a little more.

5) Facilitate communication between the company and its customers

It is already said they are an excellent communication tool; therefore we should not be surprised at this point claiming that social networks are a great way to interact with your target.

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6) Override geographical and temporal barriers

It's time that you start to realize, that the internet has no borders or space of time. Consequently, these platforms enjoy the same characteristic that makes them a window to the world 24 x 7 (or what is the same, without schedules).

7) They are an excellent tool for collaboration and networking

These are the ideal platform for communication, and we should thanks to a simple environment networking strategy that opens avenues to new professional collaborations with other companies or individuals.

8) Let us take the pulse to the market

Customer opinions, new products, latest technological advances, national and international news are a lot to create in this digital environment. What profit do we get out of it? It is clear that keeping us always informed is an excellent advantage for our business to remain competitive.

9) Facilitate the study of our competition

Just as you are talking about your business and trying to attract new potential customers, your competition is pursuing the same tactic. So, if you're smart enough to know how to listen, besides using some kind of tools competitive analysis, you will learn details about what brands are doing business as similar to yours.

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10) Let you know what your target audience wants, needs and demands

At the risk of appearing repetitive, I cannot fail to repeat that another of the advantages of social networks by definition is that they are an environment in which people manifest their tastes, needs and interests.

11) They are the best speaker of the benefits of our products

Social networks can help you sell more, but they are not the ideal place to sell directly. They are really great platforms to promote you and your product.

12) They serve to keep our customers loyal

Provide quality information, make promotions, meet your needs in real time, solve your doubts, and show your profile more human these are all actions of social marketing for companies that help to convert customers into brand ambassadors.

10 things that are more important than the talent to achieve professional success

Academic training and personal talent are no guarantee of job success if they are no accompanied by good decisions Pay attention to these tips!

The level of success depends primarily on the choices we make . Even if you have different academic qualifications and an ability to implement, throughout your life you meet people with a higher level of education and talent , which does not imply that they are more successful than you. Career and talent influence but are not decisive, since we build them through actions that start from decisions. Knows what the are key to job success according to the Workopolis job portal and put them into practice.

Register your resume here and postulate to job offers

1. Sleeps a significant amount of hours

The night 's sleep is vital to pay the next day. Introduce yourself in your job with little sleep will diminish your ability to concentrate , affecting your performance. It will slow your actions and you will only accumulate work. The fatigue limits the energy, creativity and ability to make decisions.

2. Be punctual

Arriving on time or even a few minutes before your due, will make a good impression among your bosses. Even if you have a flexible schedule, you are already at work. You have time to accommodate your belongings, acclimate to the work environment and perhaps even able to overtake tasks to be more relaxed the rest of the day.

3. Plan

Being organized can never be negative. Before going to a meeting or conference work, make sure you know all the necessary information on the topics to be developed but also organizational data. Prepare beforehand the technological equipment that you will use and verify the route before leaving. You will have a great advantage over those who simply improvise .

4. Proactive

Regardless of the task that you must perform that day, manifest your enthusiasm and ability to work on it to the best of you . Even if you do not like the awarded activity, the effort is always good reviewed . You'll feel as yourself for having put all your will at work and will be reflected in the results .

5. Think positive

Accompany your work positive attitudes that show enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Attitude is not a fixed aspect of personality, it is a choice that can adjust to different contexts . Being optimistic will make the workday go faster and allow you to establish good relationships with your colleagues.

6. Keep your body language friendly

For maximum law, your body says more about your mood to your mouth . Body language will leave in evidence before you become aware about it , so try to control it with positive thoughts that are projected in your movements. Looking directly into the eyes, smiling, nodding or sitting relaxed are friendly signals that your colleagues will immediately catch.

7. Helping Others

Share your secrets to be successful will make you a happier person and will put you in a position of recovery among your peers . Collaborates with the team solving situations to improve their performance, and if possible, explain to them how solve this technical problem so that they can apply it next time. Helping is possible but also satisfying.

8. Learn continuously

The incorporation of new skills or knowledge and keep up with technology trends, will perfect your job performance, but also accept the opinion of others but do not match their own. Learning from setbacks to prevent them from appearing again is another choice that depends on your interest in ensuring success.

9. Work hard

Do not just follow your assignments to the letter. Take the opportunity to demonstrate your capacity for creativity, innovation and research to expand the possibilities offered to you initially. Striving more than required will gain a privileged position among your colleagues and bosses because your work will always go beyond.

10. Work extra minutes

Avoid being the typical employee who retires 4:59. Stay in your place a few minutes but are not to be paid, will not influence significantly in your personal life but in the workplace. You will see that you take the job seriously and you try to do my best even if you must work extra . If you want laboras on a computer meet the goals and you will not spend a few extra minutes to get it.

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The Art of Time Management.



One of the most important self-management skills a successful individual needs to possess is managing time. If you think about it, all of our problems are time-related. In order to truly succeed in every walk of life, we need to respect time, appreciate its beauty and acknowledge its influence on our lives. Here are some practical tips and tricks to help you master the art of time management:

 Don’t Control Time – Control Yourself.

What most people do not realize is that controlling time is impossible. Time isn’t a physical thing that can be controlled, and is constantly running out. It’s running out as you are reading this article and there is no way to pause it. So, you have to stop trying to control time. What you can control, however, is your own habits. Learn to respect time and time will respect you. Start by making a habit of waking up early in the morning and psyching yourself for the challenges of the day that await you. Do not expect things to get done like they do in the movies, like a montage. No, this is real life and you actually have to make an effort to get things done. And the best way to get things done is to be punctual and get a head start every day.

 Make a List

You do not necessarily have to write down all the tasks that you absolutely need to accomplish for one day; it’s perfectly fine if you just make a list in your head. Learning to prioritize tasks is an essential thing, in both professional and personal life. While we take a number of spontaneous decisions every day, it is very important that we plan ahead to do at least a few tasks on a daily basis to ensure productivity. In simple words, you need to make daily goals that you must achieve no matter what.

 Go Easy on the List

This tip is related to the previous one, but is so important that it deserves distinction. A common mistake that most people make is to cram in too many tasks in their to-do lists. Remember, too many priorities means no priorities. Set only a few goals for one day, which you think are most important and deserve your attention at once. The key to being productive is to take one thing at a time, at a medium pace. Aiming to accomplish a few dozen things in a single day would not only stress you out, but would also affect the quality and end-results of those tasks, whatever they may be. So, postpone things that you feel can wait, and focus on the more important ones.

 Learn to Say NO

Now that you have learned to respect time, it is now time to make people respect yours. This might seem rude to some people, but in the long-term and from a neutral point of view, it is for the best. You can’t help out everyone, all the time. You need to get rid of that YES-MAN hidden inside you, if you want to get things done. Sure, if you have already done the work for the day or have some time to spare, you should definitely lend out a hand. But, if your cousin calls you during work hours and asks you to look up a good dissertation help, do not hesitate in telling them you’re busy.

 Make a Timetable

Making a list isn’t enough – If you want to truly get things done in time, you need proper discipline. And for that, you need to make a timetable that you must strictly follow, which could either be written down or just sketched out in your mind. From 9 to 12, I have to make XYZ’s report. From 2 to 3, I must write ABC’s proposal. From 6 to 7, I must prepare this dish. That’s the ideal way to get things done.

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How to Effectively Use Geeks for geeks?

Geeks for geeks (website: is based in India created by Sandeep Jain in 2008. It is a platform for computer science students to learn about different programming languages, such as java, python, C, C++, algorithm and dynamic programming. It provides wide knowledge about coding and programming, test and quizzes, discussion forums, and much more. It also offers placement services for various companies.

It not only provides knowledge but also allows solving programing problems in the most effective ways including Algorithms, Operating Systems and System Programming, which are very useful for computer science student. This one website is very sufficient enough to get all the information regarding coding directly from your home, all you have to do is log in to and create your account.

The aim of the Geeks for Geeks is to provide quality material and content. It also publishes articles on the various topics on daily basis, which helps students understand the concept better; furthermore, it encourages students to publish articles themselves. GeeksForGeeks has well-written articles, curated problems and solutions.

Here are some effective ways that you can use Geeks for Geeks for your advantage:

  1. It is an excellent learning website where different programs are divided into various small sub topics, after completing the course available they have given set if questions through you can practice and test your learned skills.
  2. It has various quizzes and interview questions that will help you in preparing for exams and even for the company interviews. It contains a huge number of technical interview questions, curated for clarity, and solutions, curated for quality and correctness. Overall, it is a very good site for preparing for technical interviews, and especially has a lot to offer beginners, who need not just questions but detailed, clear solutions.
  3. It has a great discussion forum where you can interact and ask your queries and other geeks can help you out in the best way they can.
  4. If you are practicing, you can get and install a Google chrome plugin available at Google chrome app store by the name of “geeksforgeeks meter”. This will help you in keeping track of the questions you have answered or solved. One of its amazing features is that you can mark questions with different colors based on its difficulty levels. The choice your color section and assigning specific meaning to it is yours. The plugin is available at:
  5. You can apply for their internship programs, an effective way of ongoing learning. This will help you in using your learned skills in real time and polish your skills.
  6. Install iOS app for Geeks for geeks reader and you can access the Geeks for Geeks content right on your cellphones for enjoyable reading. This is a handy option and provides great portability.
  7. It also makes available guest lectures, which are very helpful for the computer science students. This way you can gain knowledge from externals.
  8. It has various competitions and contest on the website in which you can take part. It is a great way to test your skills and where you stand in comparison to other geeks.
  9. You can subscribe to Geeks for Geeks YouTube channel for numerous online video tutorials, which will help you in understanding and learning about using Geeks for Geeks (GFG) and learning about various concepts and coding. For those who get bored while reading, these video tutorials are great way to learn. Available at:
  10. This website helps you in becoming a good IT professional with extraordinary coding skills.


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